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Volunteer with FreeGeek

FreeGeek Chicago currently holds open volunteer hours, known as "OpenBuild", on Fridays and Sundays. The OpenBuild program provides an excellent opportunity to get tons of hands-on experience with a wide variety of computer hardware and to learn first-hand the challenges and satisfaction of building a working system. Anyone interested in volunteering with FreeGeek Chicago must complete our new volunteer orientation (see below). Volunteers typically spend their time:

  • Disassembling computers and learning about their components
  • Testing individual computer parts, cards, and peripherals
  • Building computers from good componets
  • Learning about and installing the GNU/Linux operating system
  • Mentoring new volunteers
  • Learning about the environmental impact of e-waste
  • Having a really good time


New volunteers must complete the FreeGeek Chicago orientation before beginning as a volunteer. Orientation is currently held at 11:30AM on Fridays and Sundays during OpenBuild and usually lasts around 3 hours. New volunteers should arrive for orientation at least 15 minutes in advance to sign-in.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who is 14 years of age or older can participate as a FreeGeek volunteer. All volunteers under the age of 18 MUST provide FreeGeek with their date of birth and have a parent/guardian signature on our liabilty waiver form.

Other Volunteering

In addition to volunteering on OpenBuild days, FreeGeek is always looking for those who:

  • Want to teach a class in our classroom
  • Can help pick up donations and volunteers with transportation needs
  • Drivers with commericial truck experience for our recycling runs

Check out our calendar for volunteer opportunities or Contact us to learn more.


Open Linux Repair Days

First Saturday of each month is Open Linux Repair Day


  • Linux MINT 19.1 (Tessa) OS Only!
  • COMPUTER REPAIRS ONLY! Absolutely NO televisions, disk changers, etc. 
  • There will be charges for any parts, accessories or components needed for repairs. 
  • NO GUARANTEES OF SERVICE: FreeGeek Chicago will do our very best to assist in any way we can with service and repairs to your system. However, there may be times when we can not fix your system for whatever reason. Please know, we will do our very best to help if we can.