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FreeGeek News

Summer Internship Application Available

by James Slater

FreeGeek Chicago is happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for our paid summer internship program. You can grab an application or you can visit our summer internship page.

New Community Service Policy

by James Slater

FreeGeek Chicago has a new community service policy. We continue to encourage those seeking community service opportunities to volunteer with us!

Summer 2012 Internship Campaign is a Go!

by James Slater

FreeGeek Chicago will again offer a paid summer internship to an individual who can tackle some of our toughest problems. Help us pay for our summer internship program with a small donation to our online fundraising campaign.

FreeGeek Chicago Retreat

by Aaron Howze

On Saturday May 5, 2012 FreeGeek Chicago will hold it's semi-annual retreat. This is where we all come together to talk about FGC and it's future.

This spring our main focus will be on ratifying FGC's constitution. Come on out and help us make FGC more awesome! Vote! Be heard!

When and where

FGC will be closed for our spring retreat on May 5, 2012

New Earn-a-box Policy

by James Slater

FreeGeek Chicago has decided to offer all volunteers completeing the 24-hour Earn-A-Box program a $75.00 credit for anything in the FreeGeek thrift store.  Community members believe that this will be a more fair system for volunteers, will offer volunteers more flexibility in what they can take home, and will be easier to track.

FreeGeek is Now on Yelp!

by James Slater

FreeGeek is now officially on Yelp!  Take a look at our page and post a review of your volunteering/shopping experience.

FreeGeek Donation Day @ The Pilsen Community Market

by James Slater

FreeGeek Chicago will be hosting a donation/recycling day at the Pilsen Community Market on Sunday, September 11 (9AM-3PM).  Bring out your old desktops and laptops, in working or non-working condition and support our Earn-A-Box program.

This Weeks Bargin Buy

by Aaron Howze

Are you a multimedia person? Check this one out for only $140.00!

Support our internship campaign!

by David Eads

Call for educators!

by David Eads

Have you ever wanted to a teach a class about computer hardware or software, about practical skills or open source philosophy?  FreeGeek Chicago is soliciting ideas for ways to use our new classroom. Join us on our email list or come on in to discuss further.

Support FreeGeek Chicago's recycling campaign on IndieGogo

by David Eads

We know there's still a recession (whatever the news says) and we wish we didn't have to do this, but FreeGeek Chicago needs help paying our recycling bills. Do your part and contribute today, and support our experiment in people-powered recycling.

FreeGeek featured on Chicago Revealed

by David Eads

FreeGeek was featured on Chicago Revealed, a cable TV show produced by the city of Chicago. The show airs daily at 9AM on Chicago cable channel 23 and 6PM and 10PM on channel 49.  The segment is available on YouTube:

FreeGeek Chicago Receives Cash Donation

by Aaron Howze

FreeGeek Chicago received a cash donation from the Kluth Family Foundation in the amount of $5,000.00. Click link above to read the donation letter and the terms and conditions of the grant.

July 20th Web Basics Class Cancelled

by David Eads

The Web Basics session scheduled for Tuesday, July 20th is cancelled because Dave is getting sick. Hopefully, Janet's lemon tea remedy should cure his ills, but class is still cancelled.

Care and Feeding Class Scheduled for 7/12

A long time in the works, we announce our "Care and Feeding" Linux basics class. It will be piloted Monday, July 12th from 6:30 to 8:30pm at 3411 W. Diversey, and will be instructed by two Freegeek Chicago staff. Care and Feeding is a one-time class that will be offered regularly as a supplement to our volunteer program. It is designed to provide support for new users of Xubuntu, the Linux operating system that we install on the Freekboxes that volunteers earn after completing 24 hours of service.