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FGC Reboot

Hello Volunteers,


As you may know since the beginning of the year the board of directors has changed members. As we look towards the future, it’s new members are working to make improvements and updates to FreeGeek that we are all proud to be part of. The basic perception to all board members is that FreeGeek has a lot of untapped potential. All of the members have been talking with you about our vision and asking for your ideas of what needs to happen going forward.   


A common theme was that FreeGeek needs a fresh start, new direction. As in this case, the entrenched ideas and habits that have served us in the past are also part of what is holding us from moving forward.  


The first major push in a new direction is that we have decided to do a FreeGeek First Quarter Reboot. What will this look like? The build, test and QA areas will be closed during the first quarter of 2019 for revamping, updating and infrastructure improvements. During this time improvements and fixes will be made that are just not possible during regular operations.


We want to thank everyone that has been supportive and long-term volunteers for us. Those who have had more than 100 hours of volunteering will receive a graduation certificate at the holiday party on Sunday, December 16th. Besides being a holiday party it will be an event celebrating the service of our volunteers. If you were unable to attend the party please email FreeGeek to receive your certificate.  We hope you will leave us your relevant contact information and would make yourself available for special projects as needed at FreeGeek in the future.


The coming year will be a revitalization of FreeGeek Chicago, watch as we expand its potential and improve its impact in the community. You will see FreeGeek refocus its mission.


Thanks to all of you for your support.


Board of Directors

FreeGeek Chicago