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ReSolution Firehouse 3-way Meeting and FreeGeek Tour

FreeGeek Chicago, The Recyclery Collective, LET'S GO Chicago, and other community members will meet at FGC on Thurs June 13 at 6:30PM to discuss a bid on a Rogers Park firehouse. The firehouse may eventually serve as TheRecycley's permanent home and shared space with LET'S GO Chicago and a FreeGeek Extension. FGC Members will give a tour of their space and operations and then the group will get down to business at 7:00pm.

The agenda will probably include:

  • Create a clear plan for raising building renovation funds [this is what is most important to the alderman]
  • Get a clearer picture of what each of the 3 orgs will do throughout this process (not only what their ultimate vision for programming looks like)
  • Outline a process for ongoing collaboration
  • Determine if/when we want to bring on more partners
  • Creating an online community group (Google Group?)
  • Any other important items

We hope to see you there! Event details here.