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FreeGeek to Adopt New Constitution

FreeGeek Members met Sunday evening (Feb 24) to hammer out a final draft of a new FreeGeek Constitution. After a lot of hard work to finalize the language and clarify a few points, the group voted unanimously to approve the new constitution.

This is not the final vote. There will be one week for anyone to raise questions, concerns, propose clarifications to the wording, or object to specific policies. If any concerns can't be resolved, we'll delay the final vote. Otherwise, a final vote will be made at the upcoming Community Council meeting on Sunday March 3. FreeGeek members will also specify the timeline for the new constitution to take effect.

The final draft of the new FreeGeek Consitution is available as a GoogleDoc.

FreeGeek members would like to thank all of those from the extended FreeGeek Chicago community for their input and during this process.