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FreeGeek Chicago wants to encourage individuals to complete 24 hours of training and service in the OpenBuild volunteer program and also wants to provide functional computers for those who want them.

Volunteers who complete 24 hours in OpenBuild will receive $75.00 in FreeGeek Rewards to the FreeGeek Store. FreeGeek Rewards can be used to get a free refurbished computer (desktops starting at $50.00, laptops starting at $75.00) or towards any other refurbished item in the FreeGeek Store. Volunteers can also build out their own desktop from barebones systems and any of our system parts; we'll price it and take $75.00 off.

Volunteer Rewards expire one (1) year from a volunteer's orientation date. Hours do not roll over.

Please read about OpenBuild for information on volunteer activities, new-volunteer orientation, and who can participate.