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How to get Hacked, Mining Hardware??? & Atlanta Taken Hostage!

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Tools for battling e-waste – Thanks @freegeektoronto ←Check them out!!!http://ht.ly/JuEl30jasN0

UNIDO Helps Prevent E-Waste Eiffel Towers in Latin America


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This Is How Easy It Is To Get Hacked: VICE on HBO, Full Episode


HARD DRIVE Mining? This is getting ridiculous...




Command of the Week

Touch http://www.informit.com/blogs/blog.aspx?uk=The-10-Most-Important-Linux-Commands

The touch command - a.k.a. the make file command - allows users to make files using the Linux CLI. Just as the mkdir command makes directories, the touch command makes files. Just as you would make a .doc or a .txt using a PC desktop, the touch command makes empty files. An example of the touch command:

touch testfile.txt

The example touch command effectively created the file testfile.txt. As noted by the extension, the file created is a .txt or text file. To equate, a .txt file in Linux is akin to a .txt notebook file within a Windows or Mac OS.


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