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Complete Linux Course, Baby Robots??? & The Linux Question...

This Day in Tech History:

Atari Introduces Pong


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How to:

IBM Release Open Source Font, Here’s How To Use it on Ubuntu




The Complete Linux Course: Beginner to Power User! - Thanks Todd D. !!!


Top 10 Linux Job Interview Questions


A Terrific Podcast Client with a Terrible Name


Awesome links:

Can You Trust Your Favorite Linux Desktop to Stick Around? - Thanks Dan!!!


Who Made Linux and Why Is It Free? - Thanks Dan!!!


Saudi Arabian robot citizen wants a baby



FreeGeek Freebie: - Thanks Jason C. (From Linuxtrainingacademy.com)

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Command of the day:

awk, gawk
Awk searches for patterns in a file and processes them. It enables a programmer to write small programs in the form of statements to make changes in text files when certain patterns appear or extract data from those files. This command simplifies a process historically done in C or Pascal languages.
More on this command on Awk

Gawk stands for "GNU awk" and is commonly used in Linux.
More about gawk


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