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Linux for Dummies, 2018 Commodore, Sudo apt-get install Pacman, Free classes!

This Day in Tech History:

Sputnik Launches the Space Age



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FreeGeek Class Schedule

October 6th - How to Sustain Battery Life in your Devices

October 8th - How to Build a Website using HTML & CSS

October 15th - Introduction To Libre Office



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How to:

Finding Files in the Command Line (How To)



Being a PC System Builder is EASY MONEY... right? - Thanks Dan!


Week Of Linux & Security News 01 October 2017



Awesome links:

Atari’s New Games Console Runs Linux


A mini version of the Commodore 64 is coming in 2018


An introduction to Linux filesystems



Command of the day:

Chmod changes the access mode (permissions) of one or more files. Only the owner of a file or a privileged user may change the access mode.
See examples of changing the permissions of files using chmod.


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