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FreeGeek DIY´s

A couple of weeks ago, we received an email from a volunteer telling us how he upgraded his $25 FreeGeek desktop and converted it into a big, mean computer machine.

Carlos says:
¨Hi!! I'm a volunteer who bought a cheap (25$) PC in freegeek and I improved it. I put 4 GB ram more (now it has 8GB), change dual core for quad core, video card. I had some problem fitting the video card in the box, then I had to remove the processor fan, and cut some metal parts of the video card. I couldn't put the fan again, then I installed a water cooling system made from scratch. To show the water cooling system I cut the box and put a acrylic glass.
In the end the price for everything was 130$. For me worth it!¨

Carlos is a master at computer DIY and we at FreeGeek couldn't be prouder. Do you have any projects you want us to see? Email us  share@freegeekchicago.org with your story.