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AI God, Hacking E-Waste, Open-source Email and Wine Games


This Day in Tech History:

Pac-Man Fever Begins



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How to:

Connect To Wifi From The Linux Command Line




Brand NEW IBM PC AT + Model M! Unboxing & Setup [LGR]


Week Of Linux News 07 October 2017


The $50 Recycled Portable Monitor Project


Awesome links:

4 open source alternatives to Gmail


10 Games You Can Play on Linux with Wine


Why E-waste Should be at the Forefront of a Company’s Cybersecurity Plan


Deus ex machina: former Google engineer is developing an AI god


FreeGeek Freebie:

Linux for Beginners



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Dell Precision 490 Xeon 5355 @2.66 GHz 8GB RAM, 500 GB HDD Nvidia Quadro 4000
20" Dell monitor + HD webcam. All for
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Command of the day:

quota – Displays disk limits and current disk usage for a specified user. Useful when there are multiple users assigned to a particular system.


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