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We Are All Zombies Now, iMax OG, AI Destroys Players and Firefox WIN!

This Day in Tech History:

The Original iMac Goes on Sale



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How to:

How to clone disks with Linux dd command


How to Create a Fully Featured Mail Server using Postal





Augmented Reality Yu-gi-oh!


IBM scientists have captured 330TB of uncompressed data into a tiny cartridge


Awesome links:

Firefox 55 Released with Big Performance Improvements


Wayland Confirmed as Default for Ubuntu 17.10


The world’s best Dota 2 players just got destroyed by a killer AI from Elon Musk’s startup



Scientists Prove That Cryogenically Frozen Life Can Be Reanimated



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Dell Precision 490 2x Intel Xeon @2.66 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD + Asus digital widescreen monitor All for $67! All #freegeekchicago desktops come with free keyboard and mouse. Call us at 773.342.6205 for more details. Wed-Sun from 11-5pm - http://tinyurl.com/deal08-13


Command of the day:

Find searches the directory tree to find particular groups of files that meet specified conditions, including --name and --type, -exec and --size and --mtime and --user.
Efficiently locate files with find.


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