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Joomla, Type no More??? POP!_OS and Desktop Genetics (Yes, DESKTOP)

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Simple as 1-2-3: IBM Buys Lotus


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How to:

How to Install Joomla with Apache on Debian 9 (Stretch)




Week Of Linux News 02 July 2017





Awesome links:

System76 Announce Their Own Linux Distribution called Pop!_OS (Updated)



Ransomware attack is cover for something far more destructive


A new report claims that Apple products are contributing to a huge environmental problem



Desktop Genetics: Now You Can Do Genetic Engineering Without Ever Entering a Lab



Deal of the CENTURY:

Were expanding our sale! Stop by FreeGeek and get yourself a $25 desktop! - http://tinyurl.com/deal07-02


Command of the day:


The whoami command writes the user name (i.e., login name) of the owner of the current login session to standard output. Standard output is, by default, the display screen, unless redirected to a file, printer, etc. - http://www.linfo.org/whoami.html


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