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Resetting Ubuntu, Malware Solutions and AI Learns Autonomously?!?!?!

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The Mercury Seven



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Here's a recap of the stories we've been going nuts over this week at FreeGeek Chicago. If you have news, article, photos or other material you wish to share with us, email it to share@freegeekchicago.org


How to:

Three tools to scan a Linux server for Malware and Rootkits



Reset Ubuntu to Default with This New App


Lightworks 14.0 Video Editor Premieres with Brand New UI, New Features



Awesome links:

Canonical to Cut Jobs, Axe Unprofitable Projects


We Just Created an Artificial Synapse That Can Learn Autonomously


Deus Ex-Inspired Prosthetic Arms Coming Next Year



Deal of the week:


Command of the day:

Eval evaluates several arguments, concatenates them into a single command and then reports on that argument's status.



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