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Digital Linux Photography, Tweaking Firefox, AI Rules and the End of an Era

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World Wide Web Made Public Domain


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How to:

Make Firefox Faster on Linux with this Simple Tweak




How To Perform Tethered Shooting with a Digital Camera on Ubuntu



Is Fedora The Best Linux Distro for Photography?



Awesome links:

17 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.04


World’s Top Experts Have Created a “Law of Robotics”


The Ultimate List of Python Podcasts


Security Updates for Ubuntu Phone to End in June


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Dell Inspiron i3 @ 3.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD + 19¨ Gateway monitor

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Command of the day:

Cpio copies files into or out of a cpio or tar archive. A tar archive is a file that contains other files, plus information about them, such as their file name, owner, timestamps and access permissions. The archive can be another file on the disk, a magnetic tape or a pipe. Cpio has three operating modes and is a more efficient alternative to tar.


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