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Summer 2012 Internship Campaign is a Go!

FreeGeek Chicago will again offer a paid summer internship to an individual who can tackle some of our toughest problems. Help us pay for our summer internship program with a small donation to our online fundraising campaign. We plan to raise $3000 for this program.

This year's Summer Intern will have a range of potential projects to tackle. Depending on the selected intern’s skillset and interest, the summer internship may focus on one or a combination of the following:

  • Creating new social media promotions and promotional material, with a strong focus on creating Spanish-language materials.
  • Improving our donation/recycling intake process and ensuring FreeGeek’s compliance with industry best practices and state/federal law.
  • Documenting FreeGeek’s current in-house server, rebuilding it on newer hardware, expanding its functionality, and documenting any new infrastructure.
  • Producing an educational curriculum to cover an assortment of essential digital skills.
  • Following through on a project or program developed independently by the internship candidate.
We are super-excited to be able to offer a summer internship program for a second year in a row. Please check out our online campaign at: http://indiegogo.com/fgc2012intern